Providing firearm training and qualification serivces for private and professional individuals.

Classes and Education:

  • New Issue Guard Cards
  • New Issue Firearm Permits
  • BSIS Firearm renewal
  • CCW Classes (When approved by agency)

Range Services:

  • LEOSA qualifications (aka HR 218)
  • BSIS Quarterly Qualification
  • CCW Range Qualification
  • Advanced Training & Practice


If you have needs or requirements that are not reviewed on this site please contact us to discuss your situation. We understand there are many agencies that require specific qualifications and or specific paperwork to be used. We are happy to help make sure you get what you need for your agency.

We offer defensive and advanced real world training. If you want to jump through barrels and chase after "bad people" do not call us. We train for survival and safety to protect and to evade situations that may cause harm to us or those we love.


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